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This is an Amiga port of Castle Danger - a board game made about 20 years ago by Matt Worden for the PC.

All assets are taken from the original and converted to the Amiga format to give the game the same look and feel. I wrote the whole game code from scratch.
I also added something that the PC version lacked - single player mode. Writing it was the biggest challenge of it all and most time consuming.

NEW VERSION - June 2022:
- bugfixes
- improved AI

Right Mouse Button - shows menu
Left Mouse Button - selects piece
cursor keys - move one tile in a desired direction
Keys 1-8 - fire cannon
Ctrl+cursor - building/removing walls
Rules on how to play:

Review of the original:


The PC version cannot be downloaded from the creator's website anymore (it got redesigned and some things are missing) but in case someone wants to try it out, it can be downloaded from Web Archive:


Install instructions

Adf file attached can be run in WinUAE (or any of its derivatives) as well as written to physical floppy and run on a real Amiga.

Tested on Amiga 500 with 1 MB RAM and A1200 with 2 MB.
Should also work on higher models but I haven't tested it.


CastleDanger_June_2022.adf 880 kB

Development log


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Hello I am going to test your game, which you used to program it.

Small gameplay:

Thanks, Saberman! Appreciated.